Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammys Got Your Goat...Call Their Bluff

With every twist and turn the music biz takes, there is always a big hullabaloo around Grammy time. The grand ceremony for music's highest honor always brings out the best and worst around an industry that is way too sexy for its shirt.

There are those who want to pick up the closest thing handy and throw it through their television sets during the Grammys. Urban legend has it, the founder of one of history's most powerful independent labels actually did throw his shoe through his TV set many years ago.

The more people talk about what is happening, or not happening, is great leverage for independent artist to get involved. NARAS is a tremendous advocate on all sides of the equation. They know very well there are more indie musicians in this country than major labels. They know very well the struggles indies must endure. If you have solutions, they really want to hear them. And except for the executive branch offices, NARAS is a volunteer organization that donates all monies to various national music programs, including MusiCares which provides assistance to musicians in time of need.

Sure it's fine to be utterly disgusted by what seems an overblown, pretentious production during the Grammys. But that's not going to solve anything. Get involved. Add your voice, your vision, and your passion. We all want our fans and audience to participate in every event we put together for the sake of music.

Join NARAS and participate in everything they do for the sake of music. It's the best shot you've got at turning a pathetically ugly duckling into the most beautiful swan you've ever seen.

Visit and find your local chapter.

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