Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's Your Net Worth On Paper

Everyone has a To Do list. When it comes to performing and recording artists, it seems that list continues to expand with the ever-increasing integration of traditional responsibilites combined with an even broader list of outlets to engage with in the Web 2.0 model. Most gravitate toward the latest thing on the market hoping to chase something down that resembles pay dirt.

My question is what is the net result for the hustle put into the various and sundry tasks?

Most of the hustle comes prior to the launch of a new CD and then the recurring performance dates to support the release. It's all a lot of hard work. But how do you measure the results of your efforts? An even better question is, do you measure the results at all? If so, what yardstick are you using to gauge success and progress? Is it the increased fan base? Is it a return on your monetary investment? Is it getting to the next level? And exactly how do you define growth and getting to the next level?

The answer to each of these questions is important, but not as important as this: What does your music mean to your fans? If only one fan came out to a well-publicized event, what would she or he have to say about your work? With an audience of one, it is easy to sit down and simply talk to the person about the experience. With a larger turnout, that's not so easy.

If you've worked hard to get every single person possible into a room for a performance, then in the equation, what every single person has to say at the end of the performance is priceless.

Today, measuring your net worth as a performer is defined by your audience. Make sure you remind them to say whatever they like. Invite them from the stage to write a review of your show at http://scout66.com/ where their words are archived to show your net worth. Like a savings account that accrues interest over time, what your fans write becomes a papertrail of growth and success you can take to the bank.

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