Saturday, March 20, 2010

How Do Icons Rise to Fame?

Each of these photos represents an icon in American pop culture. While it's true they reached the height of their careers in the 20th century before the Internet shook the entertainment industry to its core, their contributions are amazing. 

They are self-made men who followed their talents to a point their careers required the assistance of agents, publishers, publicists, radio promoters, or even just a personal assistant to organize day-to-day affairs through much slower channels of communication than we use today.


It's important to understand that at the time each of these men rose to  fame fax machines and electric typewriters were either non-existent or very new. Cell phones, personal computers and digital recording did not yet exist.

Things took time to create and within this reference, you can find well-crafted ideas that took time to develop from a solid framework and foundation. Fully developed products could not be produced within a day. Instant gratification was not possible, therefore creative ideas, no matter how revolutionary, aged with time.

Most finished products in the literate arts today do not come close to reaching a level of time-honored maturity these men achieved. Each of them are great writers, storytellers, and humorists. Amazing charisma is part of their individual story, and people love them for the essence of
their craft.

   Take some time to study those that have come before you. None of them had an easy road to hoe. There were significant obstacles in each career represented here and each went on to achieve an enduring historic legacy.

What would your career be like without technology? Could you achieve the level of greatness you aspire to within a solid framework on a solid foundation? Would your art form be enduring? Ask yourself these questions and see if you can enhance your career with more art and less technology.

Photos from top to bottom: Mason Williams, Truman Capote, Will Ackerman, Ken Kesey.

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  1. Before anyone gets totally confused is a literate art form. Mason Williams is both an author and composer. Will Ackerman is universally known as a composer and music producer, but he's a very astute writer as well.